The Business Booster: making the event safe!

September 13, 2021

In response to COVID-19, our event team have implemented several safety measures to provide you with the assurance that The Business Booster has the health and safety of attendees, presenters, exhibitors, staff, and by extension, the global community as our number one priority.

To be adequately prepared for any situation, we have been working with authorities, venue providers and suppliers to create a safe environment* for attendees. As such, we have implemented a programme of enhanced measures, including:

  • Rules of entry: All attendees will be asked to present a vaccination certificate, proof of recovery or a negative test not older than 24 hours at time of admission on each day of the event. We are currently looking into the possibility of uploading this proof as part of your registration.
  • Social distancing: The venue has sufficient space to ensure that attendees maintain appropriate distance in all areas where there is seating.
  • Air quality: Air will be filtered in all spaces and face masks handed out at registration.
  • Flow of traffic: A one-way system and clear signage will be introduced to secure safe movement inside the venue. What is more, there will be wide pathways in the registration area, exhibition space, networking areas, product display area and lounges.
  • Sanitisation: All surfaces will be sanitised and cleaned frequently throughout the event. We will also have sanitising stations available throughout the venue.
  • Catering: Set-up in line with latest government regulations and organised in a decentralised way to avoid formation of crowds

For more information visit the FAQs below. We are continually investigating options that will keep our guests safe and healthy, while enabling an event that is critical to the sustainable economic recovery of Europe.

We look forward to welcoming start-ups and innovators, industry representatives, investors, policy makers and regulators as we come together to drive forward Europe’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

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*Please note: The measures mentioned above are subject to changes. These may occur as a result of changes to applicable rules and regulations, changed requirements from our venue providers and suppliers, as well as at our own discretion. We therefore kindly request you to frequently check our overview of measures for updates. Furthermore, we entrust on your kind cooperation in meeting these measures prior and during the event, such as by meeting the rules of entry, frequently sanitizing your hands, wearing a mask and keeping your distance. Though we are confident in having taken appropriate measures to minimize the risk of infections during the event and where necessary will update these measures, we cannot guarantee no infections will take place during the event and accept no liability in any form should such infection(s) take place despite the measures we have taken.