City of innovation and re-birth: Why the largest sustainable energy event is coming to Berlin

August 5, 2021

Berlin is perhaps best known for the Berlin Wall, which physically divided the city between East and West Germany for 28 years, finally coming down in late 1989. Since German reunification in 1990, the decades that followed have been defined by re-building and innovating.

Of course when we announced Berlin as the location of The Business Booster 2021 we had no way of knowing that the world, and the economy along with it, would come to a screeching halt with the corona virus. However as TBB 2021 will now serve as the meeting place for innovators and industry for the first time in many months, we could not be headed to a better and more symbolic place for the re-building of Europe’s economy through innovation and sustainability. Here are four more reasons why Berlin is the most fitting backdrop for TBB 2021 .


1. European Start-up hotspot

Thirty years ago Berlin regained status as the nation’s capital city and today it is equally known for being Germany’s start-up capital, with over 500 tech start-ups founded per year and another existing 9,500 already established. It has a strong infrastructure for start-ups in terms of accelerators and investors, and as one of the most important European hubs, has no problem attracting international talent. 


2. Sustainable start-ups too!

Start-ups and companies in the area of sustainability also find Berlin to be a perfect fit. And we would know: as residents of the EUREF Campus in Berlin, EIT InnoEnergy joins more than 150 other companies active in the fields of energy, mobility and sustainability. Over 20% of start-ups in Berlin consider themselves to be ‘green’ and many start-ups in our own portfolio are based there. Ecoligo, Home Power Solutions and Solarworx are just a few and they are looking forward to meeting with you in November! 


3. Green space 

Berlin is a city of parks and green space – enjoy a morning jog in the famous Tiergarten before getting ready for a busy day of connections or take a walk along the river Spree in the evening. In the background of the busy city, there is plenty of nature to recharge your batteries, gain inspiration and make the most of your TBB experience. 


4. Excellent transport links 

Sharing borders with nine European countries puts Germany at the heart of Europe and Berlin is easily accessible via direct flights to either of its two airports, train or automobile. Travel safely and reliably to and from TBB with established travel networks and many travel times arriving and departing Berlin daily.

We look forward to seeing you there from 3-4 November at Hub 27. Register now, totally risk free.