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Economic growth, geopolitical resilience, clean energy transition – trilemma or opportunity?

11 April 2024

The Business Booster 2024 examines the interplay of economic growth, geopolitical resilience, and the clean energy transition: does this present a challenge or an opportunity? Is the age-old energy trilemma of security, sustainability and affordability being replaced by economics, geopolitics, and the energy transition – or can opportunity abound when we weave these together? Profound shifts are reshaping the global landscape. Despite uncertain conditions, economic growth nevertheless remains steady. Technological progress continues and is also…
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Navigating Towards Sustainability: Bertrand Piccard’s Flight Path for Global Change

23 April 2024

Last year’s inspiring keynote by Bertrand Piccard at EIT InnoEnergy’s event set a benchmark, challenging us to translate visionary ideas into tangible actions that will steer the course of sustainable energy development for the future.  As we look forward to The Business Booster 2024, we’re at a defining moment…
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Barcelona: The Vibrant Hub for Innovation and Sustainability – The Business Booster 2024

28 February 2024

For 2024, The Business Booster will cast a light on the enchanting city of Barcelona, where our Iberian ecosystem will welcome entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders coming together from around the world to explore the latest trends in sustainable energy innovation. Let’s delve into why Barcelona has been chosen… Read More
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How addressing the green energy skills gap can accelerate decarbonisation

13 November 2023

Elena Bou, Executive Board Member & Innovation Director, InnoEnergy, explores how overcoming the current green energy skills gap can transform the green economy. For many sectors, from energy to industrials, 2023 is on track to be a defining year as the global energy transition intensifies. In fact, research produced…
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World Alliance Summit

3 November 2023

13-14 November 2023, Paris The Business Booster’s event partner, The Solar Impulse Foundation, invites you to the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions Summit, taking place on November 13th and 14th, 2023, at La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. The Summit highlights not only B2B and pitch…
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Entering the new Green Economy: Highlights from The Business Booster 2023

25 October 2023

On 18 and 19 October, Amsterdam transformed into the meeting point for sustainable energy innovation and business as it played host to The Business Booster 2023. InnoEnergy’s annual flagship event attracted a record 1,500+ attendees from around Europe and beyond to explore the theme of The new… Read More
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How transitioning from nitrogen fertilisers will decarbonise the Netherlands’ food and agriculture industry

4 October 2023

Jacob Ruiter, CEO Benelux at InnoEnergy, explores how transitioning away from nitrogen fertilisers will help decarbonise the food and agriculture sector in the Netherlands and beyond. The Netherlands, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, has pledged to halve its nitrogen-based emissions by 2030. And, in a…
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Crafting Sustainable Futures: The Launch of Green Energy City at The Business Booster

2 October 2023

When education blends with innovation and immersive experiences, it has the power to catalyse profound transformations in young minds, shaping the architects of tomorrow’s sustainable world. It is this philosophy that fuels InnoEnergy Skills Institute’s mission to forge an early connection with Generation Alpha, the first truly eco-conscious generation,…
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Reduce, reuse, recycle: sustainable design concepts for battery systems

26 September 2023

A sustainable battery concept requires a variety of environmentally and climate-friendly as well as resource-saving processes, materials and applications. To be able to apply the guiding principles of the “three Rs” – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – properly to battery concepts, it is important to consider the entire development…
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The top sustainable energy innovations: get to know some of this year’s new exhibitors

22 August 2023

This October in Amsterdam, up to 25% of exhibiting start-ups are new to the event compared to last year’s edition and they ready to meet you to discuss your next business or investment opportunity. Discover just a few of the new exhibitors below and browse them all by market…
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