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The Business Booster – Rebooting Europe’s economy through a new industrial revolution

24 April 2020

Europe is gripped by coronavirus but together we are fighting it, and we will win. Yet, while we have much to do to win the war today, we must be as fervent in protecting tomorrow. The shock to our economies will be substantial, and it is not a moment too soon for us to begin rebuilding a more resilient, and brighter future for all. For several years, the energy industry has unwaveringly explored, innovated and…
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The new industrial revolution – what does this mean as we re-build Europe’s economy?

9 June 2020

New technologies and innovations are being introduced at an unparalleled speed and scale.  History shows that the discovery of new technologies can spur disruptive innovations with  decisive effects on the economic development and social fabric of a region, a country or an  entire society.   The Business Booster, has…
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City of innovation and re-birth: Why the largest sustainable energy event is coming to Berlin

3 June 2020

Berlin is perhaps best known for the Berlin Wall, which physically divided the city between East and West Germany for 28 years, finally coming down in late 1989. Since German reunification in 1990, the decades that followed have been defined by re-building and innovating. Of course when we announced…
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The top five most promising mobility and transportation focus areas

8 January 2020

By Jennifer Dungs, Thematic Leader, Energy for Transport and Mobility   Accounting for 25% of all man-made CO2 emissions today, mobility and transport has a huge role to play in limiting global temperature increases to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, as set out in the Paris Agreement. It…
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TBB.2019 was a great success!

10 October 2019

From 3-4 October in Paris we held our most successful edition of The Business Booster to date, with over 1,200 attendees from 44 countries and 2,100+ business meetings organised through our B2B tool, and over 160 InnoEnergy sustainable energy innovations. We’re really proud of the success of this event,…
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ENGIE and Humanising the energy transition

2 October 2019

Too often, energy seems divorced from our day to day lives: energy production and management is something that happens far away, in the corridors of power: in power stations, oil fields and coal mines. With the energy transition in full swing we are seeing that perception shift. Read what…
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Expert insight: an interview with Florent Andrillon, Energy Transition Global Lead of Capgemini Invent

1 October 2019

From growing awareness of climate change to cheaper renewables, there’s no doubt that the energy industry is going through a period of rapid change. New skills and innovations will be vital to a successful energy transition. And to work out what those skills might be, says Capgemini’s Florent Andrillon, Energy…
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Humanising the energy transition: Welcome to the age of the prosumer

1 October 2019

The energy transition is no longer just an idea: it’s a fact. This new way of being in the world comes with new roles, rights and responsibilities. And one of these new roles is the shift from consumer to prosumer.   New roles Futurist Alvin Toffler came up with…
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Oil, gas and the energy transition

23 September 2019

In preparation for theParallel Session: “New horizons for the oil industry” taking place on 4 October at 13:45 during The Business Booster, we interviewed David Branson, senior executive advisor at PwC, on his views regarding the changes ahead for the oil industry. Find out what his views are in…
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Humanising the Energy Transition and “Consumer Readiness Level”

19 September 2019

Humanising the energy transition involves thinking about the complex and diverse nature of human beings. This is something that must be considered to ensure an energy solution is taken up by the market. So how do start-ups and innovations manage this? In traditional innovation scenarios it was important to…
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