The future is now: Wind technologies

September 13, 2018

Wind energy has become the second largest provider of power generation capacity in Europe. Forecasts by Wind Europe predict that by 2030 about €239 billion will be invested into this industry which will also provide employment to approximately 569,000 people.

Interestingly, all of this was kick-started by small start-ups and it is start-ups that will be at the forefront of providing the necessary injection of innovation needed to boost the wind industry to more competitive heights.

Challenges, such as opposition of nearby residents to turbine development leading to the NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) effect are often cited to be caused by turbine noise, are a great hinderance to the development of wind turbines near beneficiary sources.

Solutions to some of these problems have already been considered, developed and tested.

For example, InnoEnergy supported start-up Wind Tuning Systems (WTS) has found a way to reduce turbine noise from an average of around 30-40 decibels (when its set around 300m from a building) down to between 1 and 3 dB. A great improvement for those who are affected by the noise, and something that a wind company can use today to help improve acceptability of wind turbines.

Another solution is to move the turbines to a space that is not inhabited by people. The open ocean for example. Giles Dickson, WindEurope CEO (and confirmed speaker at The Business Booster this year) stated: “Floating offshore wind is now a viable technology and ready to be rolled out on an industrial scale. The potential for floating is massive: 4,000 GW in Europe alone.”

Come to The Business Booster and meet two companies that have been working behind the scenes to tap into this space: Principle Power, a company that created a floating foundation specially tailored for deep water prototype and are now working on four offshore wind projects all over the world have had a successful five year deployment of their prototype. And X1 wind, developers of a floating platform which uses a different technique: weathervanning downwind design and a single point mooring system (PivotBuoy®), resulting in a cost-effective and scalable solution for deep waters.

But these are not the only technologies that will be attending. Check out the Exhibition Area tab on this website to find other technologies that are making sustainable energy a reality now, perhaps you will find something that your company needs? Don’t miss out on finding that spark of innovation and boosting your business now! We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen.