The Future is Now: Clean Transport

August 3, 2018

A third of Europe’s energy demand over the past ten years has been attributed to the transport sector. However, this could be drastically improved due to the fact that 72.3% of the sector could be directly electrified by the sustainable energy technologies existing today.

Many companies are making this a priority, with investment in EVs from the EU and US automotive industries set to total €90 billion in the next five years.

The solutions you will find at The Business Booster are playing a big part in delivering these greener, smarter solutions to the transport sector, all of which can be used right away. So, don’t wait – the future is now – and we have many solutions for you.

For example, fast charging stations based on Combined Heat and Power technology for the mobility sector, designed by Pasch, provide an additional method for vehicles to re-charge. As an add-on, EP Tender have developed on-demand range extending modules for electric vehicles, which easily allow EV’s to go even further.

However, reducing unnecessary waste in transport will go a long way in making a dent in energy demand and CO2 emissions. Our supported start-up, Pamyra, that will be attending TBB, is doing just that. Their online platform matches dealers, private customers and carriers with nearby transport trucks that have un-used cargo space, all in just three minutes.

You will also discover best in the class ultracapacitor batteries, sustainable urban mobility technologies, high pressure hydrogen storage, among many other innovative technologies.

By investing in and adopting solutions such as these, we will have a chance to meet society’s ever evolving and increasingly demanding need for transport, while being able to deliver public health benefits, including cleaner air, fewer accidents, less congestion and less noise pollution.