The Business Booster – Rebooting Europe’s economy through a new industrial revolution

April 24, 2020

Europe is gripped by coronavirus but together we are fighting it, and we will win.
Yet, while we have much to do to win the war today, we must be as fervent in protecting tomorrow. The shock to our economies will be substantial, and it is not a moment too soon for us to begin rebuilding a more resilient, and brighter future for all.
EIT InnoEnergy’s The Business Booster (TBB) is the gateway through which we will put Europe on the road to sustainable economic recovery as part of the Deal. After all, energy is the backbone to economic prosperity and innovators are best placed to be at the forefront of the transition. Out of the darkness, coronavirus can be a catalyst for good. Indeed, the momentum to build a sustainable, more resilient future has never been stronger.
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