Our CEO’s word: Join us for the leading innovation event in sustainable energy from the 21st to 22nd October in Berlin!

July 8, 2015

After last year’s enormous success in Barcelona, and following the recent growth of sustainable energy start-ups in Europe, 2015 edition of The Business Booster, TBB, will no doubt be an unmissable event.

As the global demand for energy security increases, businesses and governments must respond by pushing for greater innovation in order to provide sustainable solutions for the future. This is of course an exciting time – the industry is experiencing a lot of change. Here at KIC InnoEnergy, we are at the forefront of this dynamic shift. We are very proud to announce that KIC InnoEnergy has been benchmarked as the largest incubator of energy start-ups in the world, considering the number of supported ventures, 80 to date. In addition, our supported ventures have so far raised €17.4 million in external funding –something we are incredibly proud of.

This achievement is thanks to the vision of our stakeholders and partners as well as all the hard work of entrepreneurs and start-ups we’ve supported. TBB event underscores the valuable contribution that this community is making to new and creative energy solutions. Whether your company is dealing with production, storage, distribution of energy or energy services, at TBB you will find growth opportunities through new products and services derived from technological breakthroughs, new processes and new business models. Wave energy converters that reduce costs and improve efficiency or ultra-capacitors with significantly higher battery live, and plenty of other innovative solutions to answer your company’s challenges.

TBB is quite simply the best energy innovation event in Europe, at no other place you will find so many energy innovations concentrated.

We are honoured to have Jaideep Prabhu, noted author of Frugal Innovation: How to Do More with Less, as this year’s incredible keynote speaker in addition to other exiting speakers. Some of the  most important energy companies in the world, covering the whole value chain, will be gathered in a truly unique and collaborative environment. There are many reasons why you should come, but here are just a few:

  • -Meet with innovative SMEs
  • -Make transactions or invest in the most exciting energy start-ups in Europe
  • -Discover the latest challenges and solution
  • -Network with other entrepreneurial people and industry peers

KIC InnoEnergy supports the integration of education, business, and entrepreneurship across Europe to strengthen a culture of innovation in the sustainable energy industry. Over the last few years, KIC InnoEnergy has been the main driver of innovation in the European sustainable energy sector and TBB is the culmination of everything KIC InnoEnergy stands for.

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin,

Diego Pavia

CEO, KIC InnoEnergy SE


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