Innovative energy solutions for the construction industry

June 22, 2017

The Business Booster (TBB) is the innovation hub, not only for the energy industry, but for all  industries which are end users of energy solutions – put simply, TBB provides a solution for almost everyone.

Take for example the construction industry: buildings account for 40% of the energy consumption of Europe. Following the objectives set by Europe in its Multiannual Roadmap for Energy Efficient Buildings, buildings should reduce its energy consumption by as much as 50 % by 2050. A lot of regulations are already in place to achieve this objectives, therefore in the coming years the trend for greener buildings will accelerate due to regulations and demanding energy labels across Europe.

On the consumer side, the demand for integrated renewable energy sources, energy management systems and energy efficient solutions are steadily rising and, what’s more, have the potential to become one of the most defining selling points.

At TBB you will find many innovations to support the construction sector through this energy evolution. In particular, innovations which focus on energy production within buildings include AERspire, which proposes an aesthetic Building Integrated PV solution for tilted roofs; Plactherm, a smart underfoot heating system; and Eco-touch from OGGA, an intelligent energy management system that automates heating, switches off standby during absences and Sunaitec,  that manufactures full architectural integrated solar receivers with increased energy production. In addition, we will be showcasing solutions for energy efficiency in buildings, such as the efficient insulation panels from Active Insulation.

We will also present products in line with the trends of digitalisation of the construction industry, like BIM Solar, a Building Information Modelling product for solar architecture, with 3D modelling and instant simulations of solar power that help predict the performance of BIPV and Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) products.

At a larger scale, TBB is also the place to watch for medium and long-term trends which will impact our towns and cities. . For example, the surge of micro-grids in communities and decentralised systems – these trends are coming up slowly because they are associated to societal changes, but they are here to stay, and we look forward to talking with you at TBB about the implications of these changes on society as a whole, including the construction industry. Traditionally a rather conservative sector,  is now understanding how leveraging off technology and innovation will allow them to get ready for the future.

TBB is here to support your construction company through the energy transition, do not miss this opportunity to get ahead of the competition!

Meet all the solutions for green buildings that will be exhibiting at TBB this year here