Clean mobility smart transport

July 7, 2017

Transport is one of the most fundamental building blocks of modern civilization, connecting people, cultures, cities, countries and continents.

Just like humankind, it has evolved throughout the ages. As our thinking and intelligence advance, naturally the modes of transport we engineered did too.

Continuous R&D, strong demand in the market and ever-increasing expectations for faster travel has seen more and more progressive modes of transport being developed and consumed by society at large – so much so that we often take for granted our ability to get from one place to another. We expect to get to our destination, but reflection on the consequences of how we do this is rarely considered.

Combine this with the fact that Europe’s transport sector depends on oil for 94% of its fuel, we now face the grim reality that the way in which we get from A to B is contributing to one quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions (European Environmental Agency).

According to EEA Executive Director, Hans Bruyninckx, greener, smarter solutions for transport require a combination of measures, including better urban planning. In addition, technological breakthroughs and a wider use of alternative fuels need to come into play to deliver smarter solutions to market.

To get these clean energy mobility innovations to the market, investment by the public and private sector, as well as the adoption of these technologies by society as a whole are key.

TBB.2017 will provide a number of greener, smarter solutions for the transport sector. For example, InnoEnergy supported start-up Atawey designs and manufactures hydrogen recharging stations for bikes and cars. This simple, reliable, clean and safe hydrogen energy solution for the mobility sector offers onsite hydrogen production (water electrolysis technology), resulting in carbon-free hydrogen mobility.

Another solution to our urban transport demands has been engineered by Evolo, a start-up which solves urban logistical problems with sustainable, effective and efficient solutions, enabling customers to save 25% – 40% on vehicle cost (acquisition, maintenance, insurance), fuel cost and availability (time ranges and accessibility).

At TBB there will be also storage solutions for clean mobility such as E-Bus Battery, the modular battery system for electric buses and last, but certainly not least, Skeleton – who makes the world’s most advanced supercapacitors. For electric cars, Skeleton’s supercapacitors provide complementary performance alongside batteries – while the battery excels at storing a large amount of energy that it discharges gradually as you drive, the supercapacitor is able to provide you with that 5-7 second burst of acceleration when you need it.

Many other solutions for the transport sector will also be showcasing this year at TBB.2017. By investing in and adopting solutions such as these, we will have a chance to meet society’s ever evolving and increasingly demanding need for transport, while being able to deliver public health benefits, including cleaner air, fewer accidents, less congestion and less noise pollution.

Therefore TBB.2017 is not to be missed. Register today before early bird tickets expire on 31 July.