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TBB.2019 was a great success!

10 October 2019

Last week from 3-4 October in Paris we held our most successful edition of The Business Booster to date, with over 1,200 attendees from 44 countries and 2,100+ business meetings organised through our B2B tool, and over 160 InnoEnergy sustainable energy innovations. We’re really proud of the success of this event, read more about it below: Some of the many highlights included Dr. Steven Chu’s keynote address. As the 12th United States Secretary of Energy…
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ENGIE and Humanising the energy transition

2 October 2019

Too often, energy seems divorced from our day to day lives: energy production and management is something that happens far away, in the corridors of power: in power stations, oil fields and coal mines. With the energy transition in full swing we are seeing that perception shift. Read what…
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Expert insight: an interview with Florent Andrillon, Energy Transition Global Lead of Capgemini Invent

1 October 2019

From growing awareness of climate change to cheaper renewables, there’s no doubt that the energy industry is going through a period of rapid change. New skills and innovations will be vital to a successful energy transition. And to work out what those skills might be, says Capgemini’s Florent Andrillon, Energy…
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Humanising the energy transition: Welcome to the age of the prosumer

1 October 2019

The energy transition is no longer just an idea: it’s a fact. This new way of being in the world comes with new roles, rights and responsibilities. And one of these new roles is the shift from consumer to prosumer.   New roles Futurist Alvin Toffler came up with…
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Oil, gas and the energy transition

23 September 2019

In preparation for theParallel Session: “New horizons for the oil industry” taking place on 4 October at 13:45 during The Business Booster, we interviewed David Branson, senior executive advisor at PwC, on his views regarding the changes ahead for the oil industry. Find out what his views are in…
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Humanising the Energy Transition and “Consumer Readiness Level”

19 September 2019

Humanising the energy transition involves thinking about the complex and diverse nature of human beings. This is something that must be considered to ensure an energy solution is taken up by the market. So how do start-ups and innovations manage this? In traditional innovation scenarios it was important to…
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Humanising the Energy Transition: Skills and competencies, are we prepared?

12 September 2019

We know that the energy transition is here to stay, but do we have the right skills for it? Do we know what new skills are needed and how to develop them? Frank Gielen, InnoEnergy Education Director has some very interesting insights to these questions: The context Finding people…
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Humanising the energy transition: The power of citizens case study, eBikeLabs

4 September 2019

Following up on the previous blog: ‘Humanising the energy transition: The power of citizens’, we have interviewed two representatives of one of start-ups attending The Business Booster, eBikeLabs, and gained their perspective on what citizen power, specifically crowdfunding meant to the success of their company and what others can…
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Humanising the energy transition: The power of citizens

21 August 2019

With Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future dominating climate change coverage this year, it’s clear that citizen-led sustainability is becoming more popular and more powerful. But is this also the case with sustainable energy innovations? Citizen-led sustainability Extinction Rebellion uses a powerful combination of direct action and social media…
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The Business Booster 2019 – 5 reasons why you can’t afford to miss it

7 August 2019

The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet: switching to sustainable energy demands big ideas, innovative thinking and knowledge sharing. You’ll find all three at this year’s The Business Booster, the sustainable energy event designed for businesses and investors. Not signed up yet? Here’s five…
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Humanising the energy transition: Diversity, creativity and InnoEnergy start-ups

17 July 2019

The sustainable energy transition demands new ways of thinking as was discussed in our Humanising the energy transition: Diversity and creativity as sources of innovation blog. And to foster that innovation, we need a place for diverse thinkers, doers and makers across the world of green energy and sustainable power to…
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Humanising the energy transition: Diversity and creativity as sources of innovation

3 July 2019

Back in the 1970s, numerous international aid organisations decided to tackle a huge sustainable energy issue. They wanted to find a new solution to the inefficient, dangerous and polluting cooking methods which were the only option for millions of people in the developing world. This issue affected women the…
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Humanising the energy transition

3 June 2019

When you think about the energy transition, what words jump to your mind? For most people it’s anything to do with new technologies, regulations, policies, new business models and other tangible things. Of course, those aspects are an important part of the energy transition, but that’s not the whole…
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Thank you all TBB.2018 attendees!

23 October 2018

Each year, The Business Booster, the only event that brings together sustainable energy innovators, established industry players, investors and public sector institutions, is reinvented. The sixth edition which took place on 17-18 October in Copenhagen, was the biggest and most interactive one yet, providing all 800 attendees from 40…
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The future is now: Wind technologies

13 September 2018

Wind energy has become the second largest provider of power generation capacity in Europe. Forecasts by Wind Europe predict that by 2030 about €239 billion will be invested into this industry which will also provide employment to approximately 569,000 people. Interestingly, all of this was kick-started by small start-ups…
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The Future is Now: Clean Transport

3 August 2018

A third of Europe’s energy demand over the past ten years has been attributed to the transport sector. However, this could be drastically improved due to the fact that 72.3% of the sector could be directly electrified by the sustainable energy technologies existing today. Many companies are making this…
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The future is now: Storage

15 June 2018

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predict that “The global energy storage market will double six times between 2016 and 2030, rising to a total of 125 gigawatts/305 gigawatt-hours.” And, as found by the EU, “The European battery market is projected to increase by a factor of 4 to 10 by…
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The Future is Now: Smart Cities

9 May 2018

Energy consumption in cities accounts for ¾ of all energy used. With urbanisation continuing to grow, from just over 50% now, to an expected 60% by 2030, it is becoming imperative for cities to become ‘smart’. However, most cities don’t achieve the goal of becoming smart. There could be…
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The future is now

11 April 2018

Since 2014, the world has seen a 25% boost in sustainable energy investment. By 2040, it is expected that 74% of the 8.6 trillion euros invested in power generation will go to renewables. Meanwhile, investment in oil and gas has fallen sharply. Within Europe, we have committed to cut…
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