Together with EIT InnoEnergy to reach a zero-carbon society

November 1, 2020

ENGIE is an event partner of TBB.Connect from 4-5 November, online – explore the event here.

ENGIE’s purpose is to act to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally friendly solutions. The purpose brings together the company, its employees, its clients, and its shareholders, and reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet.

As we are convinced that “the common good is good for business”, our role as a leader in the zero-carbon transition is to show that this necessary transformation creates value and that it can combine performance and the common good. 

This purpose is not so far away from EIT InnoEnergy’s aim to accelerate sustainable energy innovations: both companies share the same vision of how supporting energy innovations can highly contribute to the clean energy transition. 

ENGIE has been around since the first edition of The Business Booster (TBB), in Barcelona in 2013. Since that time, the partnership has grown stronger over the years, leading to ENGIE’s entry into EIT InnoEnergy’s capital last year.

In these troubled COVID times, TBB, like most events, had to be re-imagined in a fully digital context, leading to TBB.Connect, an online event which, like every year, will bring together innovators and industry from all corners of the world – to create and trigger new business opportunities and foster the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

Jean-Michel Reynaud, Head of startup relation at ENGIE says: “If you are like me, working in the energy sector and in innovation, being involved with EIT InnoEnergy is a no-brainer! Most of their projects and startups are likely to have an interest for ENGIE.”  And actually, over the years, ENGIE has actively supported some of the startups accelerated by EIT InnoEnergy. Let’s mention Atawey, for instance, a startup key to the HyStart offer, ENGIE’s turnkey hydrogen mobility solution for communities and tertiary fleets. We could also mention Naoden, a startup creating an energy alternative by valuing wood waste as a source of diversification and an economic lever for creating local jobs.

Thanks to this partnership, ENGIE has spread the word about TBB.Connect internally and within its subsidiaries. Employees from various departments will be attending the event: research and innovation, investment, business development and engineering. 

As Michael Webber’s, Chief Science & Technology Officer at ENGIE and keynote speaker at the event puts it: “Research is necessary to accelerate our transition to a zero-carbon world. Access to energy enables our civilization. An absence of energy inhibits it.”

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