The Future is Now: Smart Cities

May 9, 2018

Energy consumption in cities accounts for ¾ of all energy used. With urbanisation continuing to grow, from just over 50% now, to an expected 60% by 2030, it is becoming imperative for cities to become ‘smart’.

However, most cities don’t achieve the goal of becoming smart. There could be many reasons for this including: the lack of a coherent strategy or unavailability of data necessary to determine which solutions are best for the area. But one of the most critical reasons is that the technology needed does not have the end-user at its heart.

At The Business Booster, you will see solutions to many of these problems in action. For example, BeOn Energy manufactures a converter and complete DIY solar power system that can be plugged-in into any wall socket, just like a common house appliance (this company has won an inverter reliability world record in 2015 for BeON1). Another example is Vilisto, a German innovation that has developed a self-learning smart radiator thermostat.

On a larger scale- Greinon’s innovative, fully modular, autonomous smart city control system turns conventional infrastructure into smart city units, allowing for energy savings of up to 85%.

These are just a few of the many solutions that will be present at TBB 2018. Of the 150+ innovations coming this year, you can be sure to find an innovation fit for boosting your business. And you can be sure to find something tailored to helping you work with communities, to enable citizens the ability to live good quality lives, while preserving our common natural environment.

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Stay tuned for next month’s edition of the TBB blog which will focus on the trending theme: The future is now, storage.