The Business Booster 2021 is coming to Berlin!

March 23, 2021

For several years, the energy industry has unwaveringly explored, innovated and invested in technologies and services. But now, as the world re-builds, you are standing witness to the next industrial revolution – one that is sustainable, decarbonised and digital.

Coronavirus has crippled economies, Europe has increased its targets for reducing carbon emissions and the USA has re-entered the Paris Agreement.

With an expected 25% NEW innovations, The Business Booster 2021 is the gateway through which private and public entities can re-build their economies sustainably. After all, energy is the backbone to economic prosperity and innovators are best placed to be at the forefront of the transition.

Out of the darkness, Coronavirus can be a catalyst for good. Indeed, the momentum to build a sustainable, more resilient future has never been stronger.

Planned for November, The Business Booster will act as an enabler, bringing together stakeholders from across Europe for the first time in nearly two years, to realign the industry’s vision and bring transformational change in this new landscape.

Pre-register your interest today for an exclusive discount!

We look forward to seeing you in November.