The Business Booster 2019 – 5 reasons why you can’t afford to miss it

August 7, 2019

The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet: switching to sustainable energy demands big ideas, innovative thinking and knowledge sharing. You’ll find all three at this year’s The Business Booster, the sustainable energy event designed for businesses and investors. Not signed up yet? Here’s five reasons why you can’t afford to miss the world’s leading event in sustainable energy.

Networking opportunities

When it comes to new ideas, new people are key. The Business Booster gives you ample opportunity to connect with them – whether you’re looking for a new product to invest in, deep knowledge of a particular area, or a better way for your business to tackle the energy transition. You’ll find lots of ways to meet suppliers, investors and experts at our lunch and coffee networking sessions, plus a more formal chance to mingle with fellow attendees and speakers at our Gala dinner. And you’ll see the brightest new innovations first-hand at our pitching events, which showcase the cutting edge of sustainable energy and green technology.

Industry insights

How is your business planning to get on board with the energy transition? What kind of sustainable energy technology is your business looking for? Find out how big names are using smart ideas to help them achieve their sustainability goals. We’ve lined up representatives from global corporations including Nike, Schneider Electric France, the European Investment Bank to give their insights into how clean technology is helping them create sustainable businesses.

Big ideas

We all need to step back and look at the big picture from time to time. Get a head start on the future of green energy and sustainable technology from some of the industry’s most respected voices and policy makers, including keynote speakers Dr. Steven Chu-  12th United States Secretary of Energy and Nobel Prize winner in physics; Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and now UN Special Envoy on Climate Change; Martha Broad, executive director of the MIT Energy Initiative; and Bill Weihl, now chair of the Sierra Foundation formerly Facebook’s Director of Sustainability and Google’s Green Czar.

Thought-provoking themes

The energy transition is coming up fast, and it’s throwing up new challenges all the time. We’ve selected some key themes facing the global sustainable energy sector, and opened them out for discussion with our experts: from humanising the energy transition to the future direction of the oil industry. Whatever your particular area of business or investment, you’ll find a topic-based session to inspire, educate and stimulate discussion.

World class exhibitors

The Business Booster brings together more than 150 cutting-edge sustainable energy technologies under one roof, from big names to start-ups.  Innovations are segmented by market segment, making it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a business looking for new opportunities and business models for your company or an investor looking for cutting edge technological solutions to enhance your product portfolio, you’ll find it here: from solar technology to energy storage systems, to electric bikes and biomass.

There’s so much more to The Business Booster, find out by visiting the event website and keep up to date with updates by following our social media accounts and event hashtag: #TBB2019.