Future business models of the energy sector

May 2, 2016

Times are changing within the energy sector. With the rise of renewable energy sources, the emergence of decentralised energy systems, the influence of digital economy and big data and the increased role of the consumers, the principles that founded the utilities up to now are evolving rapidly.

Energy companies need to adapt to succeed in the current environment, but with these challenges presenting themselves, it should be seen as an exciting time of change for the industry with opportunities of new markets and growth.

The programme of The Business Booster 2016  will be dedicated to the topic of future business models of the energy sector. We are preparing a top-quality agenda to give you food for thought: the trends, the stakes, the actors. And, we are gathering the most relevant experts in this area: companies that have already started this transition, newcomers that are challenging established energy actors, key notes speakers and specialists.

By joining us, you will be the drivers of this change – we will give you all the insights and opportunities you will need to ensure your company is a driving force of this transition. Stay tuned for our speakers that will be announced soon.