PVComplete makes a software platform to design and engineer solar projects from 1kw-10GW. The plaform offers in-app purchases for any solar drawing or documents requirements. Read More


SEEDiA delivers smart furniture for the cities, powered by solar energy, which solves problems with access to energy for charging mobile devices and to the Internet in the public spaces, through functionalities mobile phone chargers, free hot-spots and e-paper displays with real-time information. Read More


Pionierkraft wants to provide more people with access to clean and affordable energy, achieving this with their peer-2-peer-energy-sharing-solution. In this way Pionierkraft is making photovoltaic systems more profitable and bringing the energy revolution into the cities. Read More


Supersola has created plug-and-play solar panels that can easily be installed by anyone in 15 minutes. Read More


EzzingSolar is the “all-in-one” solution that simplifies the photovoltaic value chain and allows companies to develop and be profitable in distributed generation. Read More

Feedgy – Quantom

Smart materials and nanotechnologies combined with a digital solution using powerful algorithms mean energy production can be increased by up to 39% and the lifespan of existing solar plants doubled. Read More

Peafowl Solar Power

This technology provides solar cells with a unique plasmonic nanoparticles architecture, fabricated via self-assembly layer-by-layer deposition – a scalable, economical and environmentally friendly process. The solar cells, whether transparent or multicolor, are produced at low cost and in compliance with UN sustainable goals,… Read More


The latest solar technology, both profitable and high-quality, which allows significant energy and cost savings. Read More