HEPTA Airborne

Bringing automated airborne analysis to power lines while saving time, costs and environment. Read More


Smartvee (ConnectPoint’s product) is a platform for meter data validation (VEE) and analysis that solves the issues of data quality assurance for billing purposes, anomalies detection and consumption forecasting. Read More


FlexiDAO is blockchain-based software that helps energy retailers sell cleaner, cheaper electricity to acquire customers and generate new revenue streams based on energy services. This includes certificates of origin, smart consumption based on market prices and grid balancing services. Read More

Beedata Analytics

Beedata tools drive insights through every customer channel to improve energy awareness, deepen relationships and enhance the productivity of sales and service teams. Read More


Deltalys develops, commercialises and operates eco-efficient solutions for renewable gas treatment. Read More


Eneida® develops and delivers especially designed, low cost, low power and robust wireless smart sensor networks, integrated with specific machine learning algorithms and a collaborative software platform. Such networks enable electric utilities to optimise the condition and operation of their critical assets both remotely and online. Read More