Independent Shape Sensing System for complete load condition and monitoring of rotor blades to improve performance, prevent failures and life extension of intelligent wind turbines, based on innovative fiber optic technology. Read More


Aerones is the first company providing automated wind turbine maintenance services using robotic technology. Our service process is more efficient, faster and safer than any other offer in the market. Read More

Nabrawind Technologies

Advanced wind technologies. Boosting the wind of change. Nabralift combines a light but a rigid steel structure with a Self Erecting System. This way, Nabralift solves the logistic constraints (can be transported in standard trucks) and the economic cost, since it avoids the need of using large cranes and reduces… Read More


VERTEQUIP develops parts and equipment necessary to the sectors of construction, industry, renewable energies, services and maintenance for vertical structures. They develop simple and effective equipments that are able to increase safety and productivity in works at heights. Read More

C2C- New Cap

C2C-NewCap brings a new hybrid supercapacitor to the energy storage and energy conversion market. The product is an energy storage device that operates safely and highly efficiently in tough environments. Read More

Skeleton Technologies

The envisaged product is a next generation ultracapacitor, which will meet the need for higher efficiency and a lower cost-of-ownership. The key innovation with this product line is a significant increase in energy and power density. Read More