AMPnet is a plug and play, white label solution for running energy communities. It provides every new and existing energy community with tools for crowdinvesting, billing and electricity trading. Read More


Providing and financing affordable and software-backed clean energy products in emerging markets via a B2B partnership model… Read More

Stockholm Water Technology

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) is a Swedish company specialising in the development of low pressure, low cost & low energy electrochemical water desalination/purification systems based on Capacitive Deionization. Read More


Samster’ Hybrid restores the holes to initial status with solar energy every year. It also use the surrounding air and water vapour around the clock as long as outside temperature is above zero. We deliver from hybrids and up to whole systems including heat pumps , control system and geoenergy layer. Read More

Koena Tec

More wind and solar power in electricity grids requires better balancing of these with increased resilience and flexibility. KOENA tec does this with flexibility in commercial coffee machines. Read More


VERTEQUIP develops parts and equipment necessary to the sectors of construction, industry, renewable energies, services and maintenance for vertical structures. They develop simple and effective equipments that are able to increase safety and productivity in works at heights. Read More


Solaris is a modular solar home system with integrated pay-as-you-go technology. It allows the consumer to purchase a 20W system and upgrade it over time up to 200W as their energy needs grow, without replacing the main control unit or replacing the original installation. Read More


Energy Floors develops, sells and rents innovative floor systems that convert kinetic energy from pedestrians to electricity. The floors can be integrated in pavements and high footfall areas like city areas, schools, airports, railway stations, shopping malls and office entrances, to power local devices. Through on-site interaction Energy Floors provides… Read More


Hydrogen is considered as an excellent synthetic energy vector, but until now storing it has involved major technical constraints that have slowed its widespread use. Thanks to its unique liquid vector, HySiLabs can benefit from hydrogen’s energy advantages with no storage issues by producing gas on demand. Read More