Woon duurzaam

Woon Duurzaam delivers solutions for sustainable heating, electricity and related other measures to improve sustainability for homeowners. By making an integral plan for each house and taking over the coordination towards suppliers, the step for customers to take action is made easy. Read More

Blubik – Kemtecnia

Systems of production of renewable energies; grid connected or stand- alone facilities. From a few kWp to many MWp. Read More

Stockholm Water Technology

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) is a Swedish company specialising in the development of low pressure, low cost & low energy electrochemical water desalination/purification systems based on Capacitive Deionization. Read More


Samster’ Hybrid restores the holes to initial status with solar energy every year. It also use the surrounding air and water vapour around the clock as long as outside temperature is above zero. We deliver from hybrids and up to whole systems including heat pumps , control system and geoenergy layer. Read More

Peafowl Solar Power

This technology provides solar cells with a unique plasmonic nanoparticles architecture, fabricated via self-assembly layer-by-layer deposition – a scalable, economical and environmentally friendly process. The solar cells, whether transparent or multicolor, are produced at low cost and in compliance with UN sustainable goals,… Read More

Koena Tec

More wind and solar power in electricity grids requires better balancing of these with increased resilience and flexibility. KOENA tec does this with flexibility in commercial coffee machines. Read More


FlexiDAO is blockchain-based software that helps energy retailers sell cleaner, cheaper electricity to acquire customers and generate new revenue streams based on energy services. This includes certificates of origin, smart consumption based on market prices and grid balancing services. Read More