Woon duurzaam

Woon Duurzaam delivers solutions for sustainable heating, electricity and related other measures to improve sustainability for homeowners. By making an integral plan for each house and taking over the coordination towards suppliers, the step for customers to take action is made easy. Read More

Candam – Re-circula Solutions

Recysmart system is an easy-to-implement waste container device and mobile app that interacts with citizens offering an incentive system in order to increase packaging recycling rates by 15%. Read More


Waybler makes sustainability economically sustainable with a unique business model in combination with a selected market segment, an optimised charging solution with focus on efficient use of the available power. Sustainability is made profitable for car owners as well as parking owners!… Read More


Smartvee (ConnectPoint’s product) is a platform for meter data validation (VEE) and analysis that solves the issues of data quality assurance for billing purposes, anomalies detection and consumption forecasting. Read More


SmartMonkey learns from operations extracting behavioral patterns that allow to optimize field routes. It boosts the customer’s productivity up to 30% and reduce company’s expenses and environmental footprint. Read More

Blubik – Kemtecnia

Systems of production of renewable energies; grid connected or stand- alone facilities. From a few kWp to many MWp. Read More


Utility-scale solar heat at costs below fossil fuels anywhere. For industrial processes, desalination, district heating & cooling, and power generation. Heliac has developed a method for large-scale, low-cost production of transparent Fresnel lenses that work like giant magnifying glasses. Read More