Alent Dynamics

Alent Dynamic has a patented method for wood drying, which is closely related to how nature works, but faster. Our dynamic method subjects the wood to significantly less harmful load and require less power consumption, even though it does the work in less time. Read More

HEPTA Airborne

Bringing automated airborne analysis to power lines while saving time, costs and environment. Read More


We developed a new wireless charging technology based on conduction: Power by Contact. It consists of a transmitter, which is a conductive charging pad embedding sensors and microcontrollers for detection and charge monitoring purposes; and a receiver : two electrodes embedded in the devices through a receiver circuit. The charging… Read More

Percy Roc AB

Microwave-based technology transition from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 driven by intelligent and adaptive systems integrating hardware, software and data. Read More


SmartMonkey learns from operations extracting behavioral patterns that allow to optimize field routes. It boosts the customer’s productivity up to 30% and reduce company’s expenses and environmental footprint. Read More