Utility-scale solar heat at costs below fossil fuels anywhere. For industrial processes, desalination, district heating & cooling, and power generation. Heliac has developed a method for large-scale, low-cost production of transparent Fresnel lenses that work like giant magnifying glasses. Read More


Samster’ Hybrid restores the holes to initial status with solar energy every year. It also use the surrounding air and water vapour around the clock as long as outside temperature is above zero. We deliver from hybrids and up to whole systems including heat pumps , control system and geoenergy layer. Read More


HeatVentors comercializes HeatTank which is an award-winning and patented energy storage system, which saves 30% on the cooling of data centre / miner rigs. It has 1,5-3 year ROI, and protects servers from overheating with a low volume. Read More