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September 11, 2015

Scout the market for new and creative solutions coming from talented start ups and SME’s that are not afraid of posing the right questions that society is trying to solve.

At KIC InnoEnergy, we see everyday how the interconnexion between IT and energy fields is generating intelligent solutions that outpass the traditional business models and schemes of energy companies. Being aware of this turning point at the right timing is key to your company.

For example: have you ever thought of your IT server as a potential source of heat? Interesting option isn’t it? Stimergy, a young an dynamic French company, has developed a solution that recycles the heat produced by a data centre, which results ina 30- 40% reduction in the energy bill. The customer will no longer need to consume additional energy to heat water, with Stimergy solution, energy efficiency meets smart and efficient buildings and cities. The feasebility of the concept has already been demonstrated at a real scale with several customers and the company is right now in the process of raising funds with Cleantech and IT funds to face growth and further developement.

Greenely is another example of interconnection between IT and energy field; this young swedish start-up has developed a mobile application that collects raw energy data related to energy consumption and presents it in an easily understandable and easily accessible app, which can be downloaded on any smart device. Their nicely designed interface called “The Energy Tree”allows energy savings of more than 10% without requiring any hardware. Greenely have recently signed a partnership with SBAB, a Swedish bank with whom they will introduce the app to more than200.000 households..
These are just two exemples from over 100 innovate solutions which you will be able to scout for your company – all of which have been through KIC InnoEnergy’s rigerous selection and coaching process, reinforcing their chances of succes and minismising risks for industry..

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