Demonstration area agenda

October 18, 2017

This year, for the first time at TBB., exhibitors will be showcasing their products during 10 minute live demonstration sessions of their prototypes, which will be followed by Q&A.

Find out more about the companies that will be presenting their products:

Pro-Drone, a company that uses drones to inspect wind turbines

EP Tender, developers of an on-demand range extending service for electric vehicles, using mobile energy modules.

Hymeth, developers of a non-precious metal electrocatalyst that efficiently splits water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce methane, a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas.

Smartive, a solution that allows smart devices (smartphones and tablets) to not only improve the performance of a wind turbine but also to plan maintenance operations, as well as obtain online information about the machine and the components.

Evolo, creators of electrically assisted tricycles and bikes, and sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Hygen, a novel refuelling solution for our cars in the form of home refuelling station for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) and Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREV).

EndeF, hybrid technology which can produce electricity and heat simultaneously within one solar panel.

Sit & Heat Sports, an energy efficient outdoor heating system integrated into seating cushions.

Antecy, a solution that enables the harvesting of carbon dioxide and water from ambient air and/or flue gases in a cost-effective way, powered by renewable energy.

Bin-e, an (internet of things) IoT–based waste management solution that is self-segregating, and automatically compressing, with a data collection function, and fill level control.

IONSEED, with this solution, energy providers decide when, where, how much and what energy type is used by the consumer. This is done by defining energy management rules targeting energy storage devices in an IOT platform that communicates with proprietary hardware embedded in several consumer products.

Plactherm, producers of smart underfloor heating system.

Prime Design, a solution that is the only self-contained lighting system in the world producing 50,000 Lumen from only 420W with a weight of 30 kg (66lb), it is ideal for construction sites, maintenance work, military and rescue ops, airports, media, film and other events.

Greinon, developers of smart city control systems, primarily lighting control technologies, for multiple applications such as waste management, traffic management, statistical analysis and more.

Wattsun Pop-Up Power, this technology is able to provide sustainable pop-up power for off-the-grid situations.

Energy Floors, a really interesting technology that converts kinetic energy from pedestrians to electricity using innovative floor systems.