Accelerating clean energy innovations

May 23, 2017

At the end of 2016, the European Commission released the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, a set of measures to boost the clean energy transition by providing a strong market pull for new technologies.

Setting the right conditions for investors, empowering consumers, making energy markets work better and helping us meet our climate targets. One of the main key factors pinpointed by the Commission as an enabler of the change to a low-carbon economy, is the acceleration of clean energy innovations.

Strongly aligning with our mission at InnoEnergy to be key enablers of this acceleration, we have chosen this as the topic for the 2017 edition of The Business Booster – 25-26 October, RAI Amsterdam.

We stand undoubtedly at a turning point of the energy transition: the cost of renewables has become more competitive; the uptake and usage of these are increasing each year; and, most of the technologies facilitating a decarbonised energy system are already available. Yet, a final push is badly needed to tip the balance, and this will come through faster adoption of clean innovations, not only from the public and private sector, but from society as a whole.

At The Business Booster, we will analyse the tools we have in our hands to make this happen. We will discuss the role of the public sector and how they can play a key role in launching customer contribution to the acceleration of clean innovations.

We will also consider new initiatives to leverage EU funds with private investments. There is no doubt that we need to mobilise vast investment, both public and private, to reach this competitive low carbon economy. But, we also need to assure access to capital throughout all the stages of the innovation cycle.

Lastly, there will be no successful energy transition without adoption of this topic by society as a whole. The energy transition requires citizens, such as you and I, to become involved, engaged and proactive in embracing clean innovations. Not only as consumers, but also as investors and as influencers of decision-makers. But how do we make this happen? Have the big companies understood this shift, and if so, what do they need to do in order to replace the old centralised model?

We are strongly campaigning to increase engagement of consumers and the adoption of clean innovations by all, and look forward to discussing this with industry representatives in Amsterdam.
Accelerating clean innovation will be yet another fascinating topic at this year’s TBB and we are looking forward to fully engaging with you.