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We believe that the impact of energy can be expressed not only through new technologies, but by images that capture the attention and touch the hearts of people. Since 2018, we have been running the EIT InnoEnergy photo contest. World renowned photographers are invited to provide images related to sustainable energy. The top photographs are selected by a panel of experts and displayed and awarded at The Business Booster event. Click the button to peruse past entries, or scroll down below to find our nominees and jury for this year’s event.

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Our category and overall winners

Overall winners:

  1. J. Henry Fair (USA)
  2. Robbert Frank Hagens (Netherlands)

1st prize winners per category:

Sustainable Mobility
Prize-winning photographer: Marco Garofalo (Italy)
Title: The future is in the air

Circular Economy
Prize-winning photographer: Klienne Eco (Philippines)
Title: Plastic recycling

Energy Storage
Prize-winning photographer: Bernard II Recirdo (Philippines)
Title: Portable energy storage in new normal life

Energy efficiency
Prize-winning photographer: Robbert Frank Hagens (Netherlands)
Title: People enjoy on jetty next to floating solar panels

Industrial Energy / Decarbonisation
Prize-winning photographer: J. Henry Fair (USA)
Title: Reflection, transformation

Our 2021 jury:

Information for event delegates

It is a challenge to communicate an abstract topic such as energy; but citizen awareness and participation in sustainable energy can move us towards our goals of a sustainable planet and quality of life. Using the art in photographs we can engage citizens to think, feel and act regarding the imperative energy questions — both in mass action at the societal level and individual action.

The Business Booster is your chance to witness some of the world’s most brilliant sustainable energy photography. After all, energy affects all of us, and more of us will understand this, and we hope, get excited by the prospects with these visual communications.

Information for photographers

Our fourth EIT InnoEnergy Photo Contest, showcased annually at The Business Booster, was presented in Berlin, Germany on 3-4 November 2021.

Two contests ran simultaneously:

A Professional contest, where world top artists have been invited to participate and an Amateur contest, which is open to the general public.


A select group of outstanding professional photographers are invited to participate and provide images addressing any of the following categories:

  1. Sustainable mobilitydescription and examples:

Any way of moving people or goods that is sustainable (e.g., powered by electricity, hydrogen, biofuels) Some examples include:

  1. Electric or hydrogen powered cars, trucks, buses, scooters, and bikes
  2. Charging stations for electric or hydrogen vehicles
  3. Electric airplanes, biofuel-powered airplanes
  4. Hyperloop high speed trains
  1. Energy efficiencydescription and examples:

Providing the services and accommodation that we need for everyday life, but with reduced use of energy is energy efficiency. Some examples include

  1. Insulating a building (home, office, commercial) to reduce the energy required for heating or cooling to provide comfort and health of the occupants
  2. Replacing inefficient lighting with LED or fluorescent lights or adding skylights
  3. Replacing windows with double or triple paned glass
  4. Energy efficient appliances, such as washers, dryers, air conditioners, heat pumps
  1. Industrial energy/decarbonisationdescription and examples:

Providing the energy required for manufacturing and processing in a sustainable way involves replacing the hydrocarbon (oil, gas, coal) currently used for heat and steam, with sustainably produced electricity. New machinery that is electrical is required. Some examples include:

  1. Industrial electrical or microwave dryers
  2. Electric furnaces and boilers
  3. Heat pumps
  4. Industries include paper, cement, steel, food processing, textiles, chemicals
  1. Circular economydescription and examples:

The principle of a circular economy is to reuse and recycle products and materials rather than dispose of them, as is often the case with single use products. Some examples include:

  1. Electronic devices that can be repaired rather than replaced
  2. Batteries from electric vehicles that have a second use in storing energy for the electric grid
  3. Plastic recycling into pellets for new products
  4. Books printed on paper that can be wiped clean and reused

5. Energy Storage – description and examples:

Energy Storage enables the use of energy when and where it is needed. Some examples include:

  1. Batteries: representations along the whole value chain are welcome:
    • raw materials (mining)
    • manufacturing, installation, and sales
    • recycling
  2. Other forms of energy storage e.g. hydrogen, pumped hydro


Professional contest:

1st place: €1,500 – overall winner

2nd place: €1,000 – overall runner-up

1st place for each category: €500

Amateur contest:

An Honorarium of €300 will be awarded to the best photo of the amateur submissions.

Note: A maximum of one prize (the largest) will be awarded to any individual.


  • Submissions of pictures: The deadline to submit your photos is 20 August 2021 19 September 2021, 17:00 CET
  • Decision of the Jury: The top nominees of the competition will be posted on this web page on 15 September 27 September 2021
  • Awards: The winners will be announced publicly during The Business Booster in Berlin, on 4 November 2021

Before submitting photos, please, read the 2021 Photo Contest rules

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