EIT InnoEnergy Photo Contest 2022

Welcome to the EIT InnoEnergy Photo Contest page!

We believe that the impact of energy can be expressed not only through new technologies, but by images that capture the attention and touch the hearts of people. Since 2018, we have been running the EIT InnoEnergy Photo Contest. World-renowned photographers are invited to provide images related to sustainable energy. The top photographs are selected by a panel of experts and displayed and awarded at The Business Booster event.

Winners of the 2022 Photography Contest

Eliud Gil Samaniego (Overall winner)
Bernard Ii Recirdo (Runner-up winner)
Klienne Eco (Circular Energy winner)
Mikhail Kapychka (Efficiency for people winner)
Simone Tramonte (Sustainable energy in the production sectors winner)
Xu Zhang (Mobility winner)
Anne Gaertner (Ecosystem winner)

Nominees for the 2022 Photography Contest

Arpan Chowdhury
Danilo Victoriano Jr.
Huy Nguyen Quoc
Jahid Apu
Josu Zaldibar
Klaus Vartzbed
Le Thanh Ngon
Lê Vinh
Mukesh Dewatwal
Pranab Basak
Robbert Frank Hagens
Tuy Tran Van
Yevhen Samuchenko


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Yes, you can submit three photos for each category, up to a maximum of nine photos.

If you have any further questions about the contest that is not covered in the rules or in the FAQs, please contact tbb@innoenergy.com