EIT InnoEnergy Photo Contest 2022

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We believe that the impact of energy can be expressed not only through new technologies, but by images that capture the attention and touch the hearts of people. Since 2018, we have been running the EIT InnoEnergy Photo Contest. World-renowned photographers are invited to provide images related to sustainable energy. The top photographs are selected by a panel of experts and displayed and awarded at The Business Booster event.

Information for event delegates

It is a challenge to communicate an abstract topic such as energy; but citizen awareness and participation in sustainable energy can move us towards our goals of a sustainable planet and quality of life. By using art through photographs, we can engage citizens to think, feel and act regarding the imperative energy questions — both in mass action at the societal level and individual action.

The Business Booster is your chance to witness some of the world’s most brilliant sustainable energy photography. After all, energy affects all of us, and more of us will understand this, and we hope, get excited by the prospects with these visual communications.

Information for photographers

Our fifth EIT InnoEnergy Photo Contest, showcased annually at The Business Booster, will be presented in Lisbon, Portugal from 28-29 September 2022.

There will be two contests running simultaneously:

A Professional contest, where world top artists have been invited to participate, and the EIT InnoEnergy Ecosystem.


A select group of outstanding professional photographers are invited to participate and provide images addressing any of the following categories:

  1. Mobility:

Images showing situations in which people and goods move using more sustainable modes and/or their impact both in cities and rural areas. Also, images regarding industries or technologies not directly linked to people, but involved and working behind the scenes for helping the same purpose.  Some iconic examples might be people using electric, hydrogen or biofuel powered planes, trains, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bikes and scooters or poles and other charging infrastructures as well as industries and factories where they are building these kinds of devices.

  1. Energy efficiency for the people:

People managing their domestic appliances and climate systems consider energy efficiency principles. Also, images of sustainable building construction or goods that use energy in a very efficient way compared to previous ones for the same function. Iconic images might be, among others, people in domestic environments managing their appliances in a more efficient way, or advanced buildings being erected in pursuit of being near-zero-emissions systems showing how they try to achieve very low carbon footprint in their energy systems, both finished or in construction stages.

  1. Sustainable energy in the production sectors

Machinery in industries showing an advanced use of energy or industries as a whole using sustainable energy in their processes. Use of sustainable energy in agriculture. Some iconic photos here might be solar ovens in industrial processes, biomass utilization in agriculture, and hydraulic energy uses in industries.

  1. Circular energy

The principle of a circular economy is to reuse and recycle products and materials rather than dispose of them. When this is not possible, recycling to energy emerges as one of the main possibilities.  In this category, the jury will consider images showing processes of recycling into energy as well as situations using that recycled energy. Iconic images might be biogas plants, biomass residues recycled to pellets, biogas to biomethane and/or to electricity plants and people using pellets for different purposes.

The jury in this edition will value in this Professional contest not only the high technical quality and emotional content in images but also, and specially, their originality and novelty with respect to the subjects included in images selected in the past editions. The aforementioned iconic images are only some few examples, being the photographer free and encouraged to explore other situations fitting to the topic of each category.

EIT InnoEnergy Ecosystem Contest:

For the first time this year, the EIT InnoEnergy photo contest inaugurates a new contest section calling EIT InnoEnergy staff, partners, companies, VC Community members, alumni, and start-ups (supported and or invested by EIT InnoEnergy) that are currently collaborating with EIT InnoEnergy to participate.
The aim is to capture those images that best represent and resume the specific activity or technological development being developed with EIT InnoEnergy by the partner/collaborator and/or its impact on the technological ecosystem and in general sustainable energy. Together with the image or images a logline with a very short text explaining what the development consists of will be sent.
The challenge here is how to convey the meaning, essence, and importance of your activity or technology into the physicality of an aesthetically pleasing image able to connect with a non-expert public in an emotive and original way.


Professional contest:

1st place: €1,500 – overall winner

2nd place: €1,000 – overall runner-up

1st place for each category: €500

Ecosystem contest:

An Honorarium of €300 euro will be awarded to the best photo of the ecosystem submissions.

Note: A maximum of one prize (the largest) will be awarded to any individual.


  • Submissions of pictures: The deadline to submit your photos is 29 July 2022, 17:00 CET
  • The decision of the Jury: The top nominees of the competition will be posted on this web page on 15 August 2022
  • Awards: The winners will be announced publicly during The Business Booster in Berlin, on 29 September 2021

Before submitting photos, please, read the 2022 Photo Contest rules

Ecosystem Photo Contest

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Professional Photo Contest

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If you’re having trouble uploading your photos or files, first ensure they’re the right type that are supported by the uploader (and max 10MB):

For photos:

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If you are still experiencing problems uploading photos or documents please contact tbb@innoenergy.com

Yes, you can submit three photos for each category, up to a maximum of nine photos.

If you have any further questions about the contest that is not covered in the rules or in the FAQs, please contact tbb@innoenergy.com