Smart electric grid

The electricity grid is showing its age. Increased use and volume, intermittent and distributed energy resources, and new market and regulatory structures have created significant challenges in the operation and control of the power system.


Cofast proposes s new concept of fast charging stations based on CHP technology reducing the grid-dependence of fast charging stations and increasing energy efficiency of the solution. This technology provides CAPEX and OPEX reduction of fast charging stations in those places where the grid extension or the grid reinforcement is highly costing and there is also an existing demand for thermal energy. Moreover, the solution improves the energy efficiency of standard solution.


Simplifying energy and utilities processes by innovation.


The objective of E-bus battery project is the development of a modular battery system capable of using new types of cells of different chemistry for applications in the public transport sector and for re-use in stationary applications. 


Eldev develops and manufactures next generation battery management solutions that thrive to increase efficiency as well as connectivity. Our technology targets a wide spectrum of specialized applications in the Lithium battery market, such as battery systems for yachts, caravans and commerical use vehicles. 


Eneida® develops and delivers especially designed, low cost, low power and robust wireless smart sensor networks, integrated with specific machine learning algorithms and a collaborative software platform. Such networks enable electric utilities to optimise the condition and operation of their critical assets both remotely and online.

UCGEN (Skeleton Technologies)

The envisaged product is a next generation ultracapacitor, which will meet the need for higher efficiency and a lower cost-of-ownership. The key innovation with this product line is a significant increase in energy and power density. 


Intelligent Power Conditioning and Monitoring Interfaces for Smart Grid Prosumers. The aim of the project is to improve the conditions for the supply of electricity and the integration of distributed energy sources with supply network. 


SCiBreak develops ultra-fast circuit breakers for medium and high voltage based on an innovative concept that enables the interruption of fault currents in both AC and DC grids in a few milliseconds.


Greenely helps households decrease their energy consumption without the need for any hardware. The company ‘s demand response program minimises utilities’ expenses by decreasing their consumption peaks. In addition, it provides utilities with more extensive information about their customers, allowing them to achieve reach better marketing and trading of electricity. 


Foreseeti are forerunners in cyber security architecture management, empowering companies to proactively manage their cyber security using state-of-the-art technology. 

Ferroamp Elektronik

Ferroamp has developed the EnergyHub system, comprising products for integrating solar cells, energy storage and electric vehicle-charging in a local DC nanogrid within a building. These innovative products are based on advanced power electronics and result in increased flexibility and safety as well as lower losses. All EnergyHub systems are connected to a cloud portal with live energy data analysis for energy efficiency measures