Energy from chemical fuels

Chemical fuels have a critical role in the future energy mix. Sectors such as transport, heating, and energy-intensive industry rely on supply from chemical energy carriers

Phoenix BioPower

Phoenix BioPower is working to double the efficiency of biomass power generation. By achieving electrical efficiencies of 50 per cent by 2022 and 60 per cent by 2030, Phoenix BioPower will provide the most cost effective path to renewable, plannable, and reliable power for the future.


Developer and producer of gas fueling equipment.


Act&Sorb has developed an innovative self-sustaining recycling strategy for several barely recyclable waste streams, to produce high value raw materials and energy (heat and/or electricity).

Gensoric / Willpower

Gensoric introduces the worldwide first residential power-to-liquid and CO2 usage system. Their willpower system empowers everybody to produce his own fuel at home from surrounding resources: CO2, H2O and electricity. 


C-Green enables waste-water treatment plants to reduce their operating and capital cost, while meeting the environmental target for sludge management.


GasQuaL AB, founded by researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, is dedicated to the development and commercialisation of GasQ Technology: an entirely new approach to gas quality measurement and control.