Smart and efficient buildings and cities

At TBB 2017 you can find innovations for green buildings. Solutions for energy management, solutions for energy production and innovative materials. These products will help your company differentiate and move ahead of the competition. Below all the innovations available for your construction company


A simple, aesthetic and affordable Building Integrated PV solution for tilted roofs  ⇒


Greinon Engineering

Greinon has developed an innovative, fully modular, autonomous smart city control system that turns conventional infrastructure into smart city units interconnected in a wireless mesh network.


VERTEQUIP develops parts and equipment necessary to the sectors of construction, industry, renewable energies, services and maintenance for vertical structures. They develop simple and effective equipments that are able to increase safety and productivity in works at heights.”

SolAngel Energy AB

The SolAngel product enables solar panels to be disconnected from each other in an emergency situation automatically or at the request of the owner or of fire fighters.


HDSN also offers solutions to the construction industry, and heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) professionals. Distributed under the brand HDeCARE, these solutions allow such entities to expand the range of services they offer, optimising their customers’ utility expenses and improving their comfort and security.


Full architectural integrated solar receivers with increased energy production =>


The Wohnwagon is the first fully selfsustained living unit. It has a closed water circulation system, energy production and storage, heating and a bio-toilet. It´s a concept for living, a lifestyle, a tool for change, an integrated solution in self sufficient housing.

Smart Home Solutions

A wall plug with an m-bus interface that collects data from electric, water, gas, heating smart meters and allows the end user to analyse and optimise energy usage online. BOOTH 138


Stratergia’s patented software-based technology, Papillon, measures the entire energy-chain, monitors performance and reduces energy consumption in the data centre. 

Cloud energy optimizer

A shell over existing building management systemS that provides energy forecasting and greatly reduces energy consumption in buildings.


Vilisto makes saving energy easy and comfortable. With their self-learning smart radiator thermostat ovis, Vilisto offers a solution that increases living comfort while saving energy without any effort.


ThermoSmart is a user-friendly and sleek smart Wi-Fi thermostat. It is very easy to operate, both at home and remote via smartphone, tablet or computer – anytime, anywhere. 

Textil Energy

TEXTIL ENERGY designs and commercialises portable solar products with light and flexible photovoltaic technology, outsourcing production.


Coturnix uses heterogeneous data to model the behaviour of buildings, and optimise their energy consumptions and costs based on that model in real time. 

BIPV Insight (Enerbim)

Simulation and collaboration platform to empower BIPV stakeholders. BIPV-Insight from EnerBIM is an integrated software platform that provides easy visualisation of BIPV benefits at a building level. Its 3D modelling and instant simulations of solar power help predict the performance of BIPV and Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) products, their overall impact on a building’s energy performance and comfort, and likely return on investment.


Solable develops renewable innovations to boost the solar market meeting domestic and collective targets around the world. Its product, LaDouche, is a tankless water heater based on wastewater energy, wich act also as a towel warmer..

Place 2 Plug

Place to Plug is a software company that offers an online platform and a mobile app that locates and connects electric vehicle drivers with charging points, or hosts (businesses, institutions or individuals) that have sockets available to charge their electric vehicle. 


OGGA designs, develops (fabless) and markets a range of innovative solutions for the intelligent energy optimisation of housing. OGGA aims to revolutionise energy management in homes and to become a key player in the new house building and renovation sector. With ‘Eco-Touch’ it offers an intelligent product that is both easy to use and install. 


Heaboo has developed a solution for the stagnation temperature correction of hot water distribution pipes in buildings that is compatible with conventional heating and DHW distributing systems.  

DC Brain

DCbrain has developed “smart grid software” that enables users to better understand and operate physical networks, such as gas, electricity, water, vapour and cooling systems.



Betterspace develops  automatic heating control for non-residential buildings such as hotels and offices. It detects the presence of guests or employees, considers the weather forecast, and then optimises room comfort. 


Plactherm is a smart underfloor heating system, controllable remotely, highly efficient,compatible with renewable energies, environment friendly and, most importantly, able to generate independent thermal zones with improved performance and savings of over 30% energy consumption.  


Glowee develops a disruptive lighting system that does not consume any electricity, requires no power supply, emits few CO2 and light pollution. 

EP Tender

EP Tender is an on-demand range extending service for electric vehicles, using mobile energy modules attached occasionally to the EV. 


Ecotropy provides a complete solution to analyse energy performance and optimise the energy retrofit of buildings. 

Active Insulation Systems

Active Insulation develops switchable and intelligent insulation to cool and heat buildings by natural processes. 


A modular structural wall system offering high energy performance. 


Smartroof produces and installs solar roof tiles with integrated photovoltaic elements, better known as Suntiles.


Ionseed is a high performance Internet Of Things (IOT) infrastructure for distributed energy management and storage enabling disruptive new concepts that will dominate the energy market in the next decade, such as Reactive Energy Management, Distributed Energy Storage and Virtual Power Plants. 


AEInnova obtains electricity from waste heat.