Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions, improve energy security, make energy consumption more affordable, and enhance competitiveness.

Gboost (Ebike Lite)

Ebike Lite (EBL) develops Gboost, a small and ultra-light electric kit (motor + battery) for bicycles, which allows users to switch from a pedal to an electric bike in seconds.

Dexter Energy (Sensorfact)

Sensorfact is an innovative start-up that has developed an intelligent software tool that helps mediu-siezd companies increase their process and machine efficiency. Moreover, Sensorfact offers and implements process optimisations on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis..


MAQ AB has developed StableTools, a vibration-free metal cutting solution with a self tuning effect, that avoids the cumbersome adjustment previously required before starting the metal cutting process.

MV Diamonds UG

MV Diamond semi-automated welding machine can be easily integrated into existing wafer production lines with only minimal training. A network interface allows for remote customer support and therefore ensures a high capacity utilization of the production line. .

Heat Power

Heat Power has developed the Rankine Compression Gas turbine (RCG), which is capable of providing heat and power for industrial processes at highly reduced fuel cost and CO2 emissions. 

Simplex Motion

By utilizing patented sensor system technology, Simplex Motion has created a compact, high-performance and completely integrated servomotor system. This smart motor is quick to install, easy to use and offers powerful motion control capability. 


Ve´rtex is developing an innovative vertical railroad switch that will remove the problems we have today related to snow and ice. The product is a concrete isolated vertical switch with energy saving capabilities.


The company’s business idea is to exchange freight carriage and cargo space online, making a contract of carriage between dealers, private customers and carriers possible.

Flue Gas Recovery Sweden

Flue Gas Recovery Sweden AB offers a unique technical solution for recovering energy from exhaust gases by reusing waste energy – the Energy Turbo FGR®. This state of the art technology is used to create a cost efficient system, applicable for heating plants sized 100-1000kW.

Composite Dynamics

Composite Dynamics develops, produces and sells sports and business boats with an integrated active hydrodynamic foil system. 


A modular structural wall system offering high energy performance. 


Gulplug provides a disruptive technology based on magnetic electrical connection with a smart energy sensor in order to plug and measure easier, faster and safer.


Energiency is a cloud software start-up that develops disruptive energy big data analytics solutions for industry. The idea is to provide industrial manufacturers with real-time and powerful web analytics tools. 
Energiency algorithms allow manufacturers to drive and extend their own energy management system. 

Cascade Drives

Cascade Drives has developed electromechanical linear drives that use a compact and efficient cascade gearbox to provide high performance linear motion.