Energy storage

Thanks to the increasing penetration of renewable and distributed generation, growing trade in electricity, and new demand patterns, energy storage has an important role in future energy systems.


E-SIMS offers two dedicated software services: MUST PLAN® provides a collaborative, secure, easy-to-use simulation and optimisation environment for decision makers. ALOE® provides a complete, scalable, easy-to-use SPS (solar plus storage) real time management environment for local producers.


C2C- NewCap

C2C-NewCap brings a new hybrid supercapacitor to the energy storage and energy conversion market. The product is an energy storage device that operates safely and highly efficiently in tough environments. 


Sylfen offers the Smart Energy Hub, a solution that combines batteries, for their fast switching capabilities, with an innovation: a reversible electrolyser, capable of storing energy in the form of hydrogen and rendering it, when needed, in the form of heat and electricity. 

Wattsun Pop-Up Power

Wattsun provides a robust, easy to use and sustainable off-grid power supply called Pop-Up Power, that can be charged with renewale energy. This means no emissions (CO2 NOx, smell or noise). 


Hydrogen is considered as an excellent synthetic energy vector, but until now storing it has involved major technical constraints that have slowed its widespread use. Thanks to its unique liquid vector, HySiLabs can benefit from hydrogen’s energy advantages with no storage issues by producing gas on demand. 


Revolutionary low-cost electricity storage in a hydrogen-bromine flow battery.

NAWA Technologies

NAWA Technologies is developing an ultra-fast, long life green battery to complement and/or replace batteries in applications where dynamic electricity storage is privileged. The company has developed and are industrialising a new material with outstanding properties that allows for the design of electricity storage systems with 3 to 5 times more energy than existing products. 


The MarCelLi’s technology offers new C/nano-LFP nanocomposite high performance cathode material with superior safety and an increased capacity and capacity retention even under high power application and with a reduced environmental impact. C/nano-LFP nanocomposite is produced in water mediated “zero” emission scalable “green” process. The carbon nanocoating provides special “electrical wiring” what significantly enhances electrical conductivity of the nanocomposite and improves heat dissipation. Moreover, its unique pore structure assures optimal lithium ions permeability.. 


Ecovat creates an underground storage vessel with an integrated heat exchange system. This system is designed to be integrated in a hybrid smart microgrid and consists of power-to-heat appliances (e.g. heat pumps, electric heaters and cooled photovoltaics), storage (both thermal and electric) and a smart control system enabling power system balancing by storing surplus energy for use in case of energy shortages


The idea is to make renewable energy usable in any season and at any time of day in every isolated site all over the world, overcoming the problem of loss of stored energy during no sunlight or wind periods.