Clean coal and gas technologies

To ensure the most efficient use of primary energy sources, future energy production will rely on the optimal combination of power generation and chemical production. Coal, gas, and their chemical derivatives therefore still have a major role to play in creating a stable, long-term energy supply for Europe.


Green Power solutions.


Wireless sensors with contactless battery and open communication protocol for increase of maintainability and environmental and economic efficiency of power generation equipment. 


Designing, proving, advancing, testing, implementing and piloting the refueling solution for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) – Home Refueling Appliance/Station for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). 


Transforming low-cost straw into high-value heating. Highly automated straw-fired biomass boilers help enhance farm income and rural economies. 


InTherSoft proposes a new method for determining the transient temperature of flowing fluid. It improves significantly on classical thermometers that indicate the temperature of the medium with a large dynamic error. InTherSoft delivers a product ideally suited for harsh environments, particularly for measurements at high pressures and temperatures, and for high temperature gases flowing at high and low pressures..